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Right now I am working on Miniature Fairy Gardening.  Miniature Fairy Gardening is merely taking a container, adding miniature houses, accessories, plants and fairies, and letting your imagination run wild.  I tried to resist the temptation for a long time.  As long as I can remember, I wanted a big, fancy doll house.  My mother always said that those were for big girls and were very expensive.  She was right on both counts, but now I am a big girl and I need to satisfy the desire.

I started doing two tiny gardens, one in a basket and one in a dish.  I was hooked immediately.  I had to do more!  It needed to be bigger and more grand!

I have a big back yard that is a wildlife habitat, certified with the National Wildlife Federation.  I’ll explain that whim later.  I love gardening and wildlife.  I thought a half barrel on my deck would be a great fairy garden.  My husband got the barrel and I began to fill it.  The more I did the more I wanted to do.  I bought a fairy house online and a fairy and got some plants at the local nursery.  I wanted accessories, but those can get quite expensive.  I decided to make some accessories using my polymer clay stash in my craft supplies. Some of them are crude, but still get the idea across. I also found some small, round cuts of wood, some moss, and some small bark.  It is amazing what you can find in the house and garage.  I made a stick fence for around the flower garden in the back and some mini garden lights out of Sculpey glow-in-the-dark polymer clay (so far they aren’t glowing!).  I did order a mini garden shed.  I would be happy to post the names of the plants that I bought…just ask.  Last, but not least, at my husband’s suggestion, I made a stick ladder that gives the fairies a way to escape.  It was a cute idea!

I was, and still am, concerned about the wildlife antics at night.  We have had a family of raccoons visiting our back yard every night for over 35 years.  Normally they behave themselves.  They like to turn over my husband’s gnome statues in the garden.  They also like to play with our glass gazing ball.  I have yet to figure out how they keep from breaking it!  So far, so good.  They have dipped their little fingers into the gardens already. Every morning I go out and check for damage.  Nothing more than an accessory being moved from one side of the barrel to another.  Most everything in the garden either has a pick anchoring it down or is taped using some special indoor/outdoor sticky stuff.  I hope my luck continues.

Other wildlife have accepted my mini gardens too.  I have had lady bugs, butterflies, small bees, and lace wings visiting the plants and flowers.  It is so cute to watch!

I added a picture of the garden in two views.  It changes from day-to-day if I add things or take things away, but it is so pretty and totally enchanting…I feel like I am living there.  The garden’s backyard is full of flowering plants and of course, critters.  I had to make another one!  I will tell you about that in my next post.

What do you think?  Have you tried fairy gardening?  Would love to hear about your gardens,

Thank you for visiting!

crabapple fairy garden 4 overhead view