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I have had some requests for the names of the plants that I used in the fairy garden barrels.  I finally found the plant tags.  I might not have all of them, but I have most of them.

Some of the photos aren’t as clear and sharp as I would like them, but the conditions were not ideal for the photo taking.


Baby’s Breath

White Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila “White Festival”)– A mounding perennial…I had this plant in the second fairy garden toward the back.


creeping thyme

Creeping Thyme








Creeping Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) – A perennial…I had this in front of the fairy house in the first fairy garden and around the general store in the second fairy garden.  It makes a beautiful carpet of ground cover with tiny purple flowers.


miniature rush

Miniature Rush

Miniature Rush (Eleocharis radicans) – A perennial…These were in the third garden around the lake.  They look like clumps of grass.  They do require quite a bit of water.  They did not come back this year.  We had a rather dry winter.




Potentilla (Cinguefoil “Verna Nana”) – A perennial…this is a low-growing evergreen with lots of yellow flowers.  It looks just like the full sized plant that a lot of us have in our landscaping.  I had this plant behind the fairy house in the garden of the first fairy garden.



Needlepoint Ivy

Mini Needlepoint Ivy (Hedera) – this is an evergreen plant.  I had it planted right behind the house in the first fairy garden.  I was hoping to train it to grow up the house and over the porch.  I am not seeing this year.  The winter must have gotten it.


white thrift

White Thrift

Thrift (Armeria maritima ‘Alba’ white) – This is also known as Sea Pink. The plant is a mound of grass-like green leaves with tiny white flowers.  This plant was also in the first barrel behind the house in the fairy garden’s garden area.


mini trumpet

Hummingbird Trumpet Vine

Hummingbird Trumpet (Zauschineria garettii ‘Orange Carpet’) – This plant looks just like a miniature version of a Trumpet Vine and is a perrenial.  I had that in the fourth fairy garden to the right of the rocky waterfall.




Stonecrop (Sedum hispanicum minus ‘Blue Carpet’) – This plant nakes a great ground cover.  It spreads quickly. This is a succulent with silver-gray foliage and tiny pale pink flowers.  I had it planted to the left of the fairy house in the first fairy garden.



Speedwell (Veronica liwanensis) – This is another low-growing ground cover. Bright flowers appear on the leathery leaves.  I had one of these in the first garden and in the third.  It is very drought tolerant.


coral bells

Coral Bells

Sandia Coral Bells (Heuchera pulchella) – An evergreen with ruffled green leaves and spikes of tiny rose-pink bells.  This was also in the garden behind the fair house in the first fairy garden.  There was also one on the side of the second fairy garden house.



Pink Cranesbill

Dalmation Pink Cranesbill (Geranium dalmaticum) – A low-growing geranium with glossy green leaves with pink flowers.  I think there was one of these in the garden of the first fairy garden and also one in the third garden on the side of the house.


bell flowers


Bellflower (Campanula cochleariifolia ‘Alpine Breeze Blue’) – lots of blue flowers that cover the plant.  This is very pretty.  I think there was one of these in the first garden in the back and also one in the third garden on the side of the cottage.




Leptinella (‘Platt’s Black’) – an evergreen ground cover with feathery, fern-like, foliage.  I am very fond of this plant, but it didn’t make it through the winter.  I had these in the first and second garden next to the covered bridge.


I hope this helps.  The balance of the four gardens were filled with a mix of ground cover.  It came in flats from Lowe’s.  That is really an economical way to fill the barrels with plants.  The fir trees are actually fake miniature Christmas trees from the hobby store.

If I remembered the plants in the wrong places, I apologize.  The ground covers have really grown a lot and I never got my gardens put back together this year because of my foot and ankle injuries.  I miss the gardens, but am enjoying the plants that survived.  I will be putting the gardens up next spring for sure.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy fairy gardening!