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I have many interests…probably too many. I am going to do more fairy gardens, but I am at that blocked stage and thought I’d share some other helpful information with you while waiting for the block to lift. I would like to share a wide variety of things with you as time goes on.

A long time ago, I decided that I wanted to learn about natural healing and aromatherapy. I enrolled in a class in my area. I wanted to learn how to use the essential oils to help myself and my family. I completed the course and have been using the oils successfully ever since.

I love using essential oils because they are so versatile. It is amazing that few drops of essential oil can aid in healing. I want to share one of those times with you.

I have really bad allergies that cause asthma. Sometimes I need a little more help with breathing clearly. I cannot use the inhalers that most asthmatics use. I use a Himalayan Salt inhaler and some allergy meds most days, but some days it gets worse and I need added help. I thought I’d try something. I had been on Amazon and saw some essential oil inhaler tubes. That looked like an idea I had to try. It really works!

The order I placed was for a set of three inhalers, a lavender, a green, and a blue. inhalers-2

There is a little glass bottle inside the inhalers.  You put a wick, which is included and more can be ordered, into the bottle and drop some essential oil onto the wick. There is a small metal cap with holes in it that fits over the top of the bottle. inhaler2
All you have to do is pop the cap off and start inhaling.

The best essential oils to use for asthma and respiratory issues are Eucalyptus and Lavender. Eucalyptus is well known for helping with respiratory issues and Lavender is calming, and soothing, which helps you to relax. I chose the blue and pink inhalers for this project. I put the Eucalyptus into the blue one and Lavender into the pink one. I used about 15 drops in each, using an eyedropper.

When I am really congested or having a bad allergy day, I keep those two inhalers with me. Just pop the caps off and inhale slowly. For me, it only takes a short time for them to start working. It calms things right down. I really get help from them when using my stationary bike. The exercise increases my asthma symptoms, making it hard to finish the exercise session. Everyone is different and react to things differently, so don’t compare person-to-person. If you are currently taking medications, don’t stop. This is not a substitute for medications. It just assists at times to give you an extra boost of help. I hope it works well for you.

I wanted to use the green inhaler as well, so I put Peppermint oil in that one. Peppermint is good for when you are feeling sluggish and need a pep-me-up. Peppermint oil is energizing!

There are many essential oil inhalers available online. I don’t get any kickback for my recommendations. I will only show you what I use.  https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Refillable-Removable-Rivertree-Life/dp/B00O99DNS4/ref=sr_1_6_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1480539892&sr=8-6&keywords=essential+oil+inhalers  There are also a bunch of essential oil companies out there. I use several companies. I used NOW for the inhalers.









Always make sure that the essential oils that you use are 100% pure.  Be careful, many essential oils can burn the skin when used without diluting in a carrier oil.  For the inhalers, there is no need to dilute the oil.

Let me know if you try this and if it helped. I will be covering other essential oils for other things as time goes on.  Be sure to visit my Pinterest site.  It has a lot of helpful ideas, beautiful pictures, recipes and natural healing things to look at.  http://pinterest.com/stephiep1016/  Also visit my jewelry website.  It is currently on break, but will be opening again soon. http://www.visualconcepts.etsy.com