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The fairies have enjoyed the lake, but are now ready to really get away and enjoy nature in a secluded setting.  They have decided to fly there to save time.  If you have your fairy dust, sprinkle away, and let’s go!

We are going to land on the east edge of the garden.  Remember that you can click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing.

Happy Camper Aerial

It is a very brief walk to the campsite.  Just follow the gravel road.  Be sure to watch out for wildlife.  On the left you can see a red fox hiding in the plants.


Now be careful!  I hear a bear.  Sometimes the black bear cubs get into the trash by the camp ground.  We can sneak by him if he is busy digging in the trash can.  There he is….sneak by quietly.  I made the bear, the trash can and the garbage out of polymer clay.  I love that polymer clay!  You can make almost anything out of it.  Go to your right when you get past him.

bear in trash can

Picinic Happy Camper Aerial

One of our fairy friends, the Red Campion Flower Fairy, is already here waiting for us.  She brought a big picnic basket full of food.  The tent is up and there is a nice picnic bench and table there.  The table and benches are made out of little discs of juniper branches that my husband had cut for me.  Just glue several discs together with a hot glue gun and add some moss here and there.  I made the picnic basket, the lantern and the camp fire pit out of polymer clay and stones.  The camp fire pit is full of wood and ready to light.  A hummingbird feeder is there and there is a hummingbird enjoying some juice.  After we have something to eat, we will go exploring.  Try not to make too much noise.  Next to the tent is a sleeping enchanted tree with a big owl nest in its branches.  I made the tree using polymer clay and a big dose of imagination.  I would be happy to post instructions for the trees in a later post.  There is an owl baby and a fairy baby taking a peaceful nap.  How cute is that!!!!

Elf Baby and Owl in Sleeping Enchanted Tree

Lets go exploring.  There is a waterfall near by.  I see a doe and her fawns by the waterfall.  There are all kinds of flowers and plants to look at.  Some of the plants have already bloomed and others are getting ready to.  I really like the blue bell flowers and I love the miniature trumpet vine next to the waterfall.  The flowering plants all came from the local nursery.  They had a big sale one day and I went crazy.  The ground cover is from the lumber yard garden center.

Mountain Fountain 2

Now if we go to the left, you will find another enchanted tree.  This tree has a swing to have  fun on.  The tree is friendly but is quite old, so be gentle with him.   Don’t eat the mushrooms that you see around the campgrounds.  They might be poisonous.  They are pretty to look at though.

Enchanted tree with swing closeup

I hear some rustling in the woods.  It appears there is a momma wolf and her cub watching us play.  Just let her be and please don’t give the or any of the wildlife any food.  The wolf and her baby, as well as the doe, the fawns, and the fox all came from Hobby Lobby in the department for model railroad scenery.

Momma Wolfe and Cub

Soon we can return to the camp site and have some dinner by the campfire and some restful sleep in the tent.  The moonlight will make the waterfall appear to be lighted.  It is well worth seeing.  I will post a photo of the waterfall at night if I can get a good one.  I will post it in another post update.

There you have it!  I have shown you all four of my miniature fairy gardens.  I hope you enjoyed the journey.  I get so much enjoyment sitting on the deck looking at the fairy gardens.  I enjoy gardening in them too.  They need to have maintenance done daily. It’s light gardening and very enjoyable.  Fairy gardening is very relaxing, eases stress and anxiety, boosts the imagination, and is a great way to sink yourself into another world for a quick get away.  I highly recommend it for everyone.

I don’t know if any more will develop, but I will keep you posted.  I have some whimsical ideas floating around in my head.  There is only about a month left, if that, of gardening weather here.  I will have to take all of the gardens apart and everything but the plants inside for the winter.  I am hoping the plants make it through the winter weather.  Maybe I should work on indoor fairy gardens for the winter months.  Let me know if you have any questions.